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What Businesses Can Do During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Being sustainable in business during the COVID-19 pandemic can be a challenge for most organizations, especially with quarantines and lockdowns in place. One pressing problem is possible infection and contamination, especially among employees inside establishments. It’s no surprise that plenty are encouraging businesses to impose measures in the coming weeks.

Immediate action is definitely needed when you’re handling an organization in this time of crisis. Now that the problem is getting more pressing, what should you, as a business owner, do to combat the virus?


If you find that any of your employees show symptoms, then encourage them to stay at home. While the case will still be up for further confirmation, remember that this is a necessary precaution to prevent infection among other people in the workplace.

You should also urge your employees to wash their hands regularly. They may have come in physical contact with surfaces where the virus thrives, so it’s always best that they keep their hands clean and sanitized. Hand sanitizers work, but handwashing, when possible, is better.

Make sure that people in the workplace also observe proper distancing, that they stay at least three feet away from each other as what the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends. 


Since only a select few businesses are allowed to run during the pandemic, it’s better to employ online collaboration tools such as Zoom and video conferencing software such as Skype, as well as email for correspondence with your team. It’s the perfect time to set up a remote work arrangement as soon as possible. For customer service, you can also try outsourcing.

Coming up with innovation strategies while businesses are on lockdown is definitely ideal, especially when working with partners and clients. Sustainable action plans are essential to ensure minimal losses and continued growth are foreseeable, even though the pandemic will last for months.


Speaking of technology, it’s important that as early as now, you should invest in tools that workers can access even outside the workplace. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are easily available to keep cloud-stored records of customers. Project management platforms allow supervisors to keep track of workers’ tasks 

There are also choices of software that allow workers to take calls away from the office, even when they’re in front of a computer. Having a remote customer service option is now within reach and is even essential, especially during emergency situations. 

Outsourcing calls is also another option, and you will have access to highly-skilled agents who will provide excellent customer service.

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For many, it’s an anxiety-inducing thought when they’re not as productive as they used to be during the pandemic. The truth is that this may be the case in the months to come, probably until the end of the year. There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has disrupted business as we knew it and what organizations need to do is to adjust.

After the pandemic, businesses should learn to:

  • Create new strategies to foster business growth that are circled around similar situations 
  • Consider outsourcing as an option, not only to reduce cost, but to keep operations functioning

Businesses should recognize the importance of human connection, finding ways to facilitate collaboration and interaction between peers. It is time for employees to regain control of their facilities so that they can be more productive. Most importantly, to fill those, it’s ideal for enterprises to embrace technology since there are plenty of platforms out there with tools to help employees get the job done.

What’s most important to remember, however, is the safety and security of everyone in the workplace and of the community around you. It will take some time for you to adjust, but with a well-rounded work process and excellent client and partner relationships, businesses will be able to weather through this crisis.

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