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Disadvantages of Missing Calls & Chats from Customers

Entrepreneurs and operations executives are given the task of continuously coming up with ways to grow their business, as well as auditing for areas of improvement. When a company is on the upward trend of growth, it can be easy to have loose ends, where simple, yet important aspects of a business are overlooked, holding back potential.

One major aspect of businesses’ operations that is important to consider is customer experience. Many times, the first impression made with a customer is through contact by phone, chat, social media, email or website contact form.

What happens when these calls or messages are left unanswered or are not answered in a timely manner?

Let’s go over the 3 major consequences businesses suffer when support experiences are sub-par, poor, or non-existent?

Losing Brand Trust

When a potential customer is trying to contact your company to give you their business, and there is no answer- this can leave a sour taste in their mouth when it comes to your business. If they can’t even get an answer in a reasonable amount of time, trust that you provide a good product or service can be diminished or disappear completely.

Losing Brand Loyalty

Not only do you risk losing potential customers, but missing calls can also put you at risk for losing existing customers. If you are constantly letting customers down, making it hard for them to get answers – it’s easy to see why they would be open to trying out your competitors to seek a better experience.

Competitors Win

The simple fact is, when a business doesn’t answer the phone- customers are likely to move on to the next company in their search, until they get the first answer. Even if the competitor company is nowhere near the quality of your product or service, their ability to answer first can make all the difference. Have you reached out to a missed customer call, only to find they don’t need your service anymore because they found another company (your competitors)? This happens more often than not.

They Call, We Answer.

Businesses in The United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, and Australia outsource customer support services to Pac Biz Contact Center Outsourcing. We handle 24/7 coverage and can bring on 1-30+ experienced agents at any given time. Businesses with a high volume of inbound calls enhance growth when they outsource.

Our standards are kept at the highest level, with every agent provided with the tools and resources needed to succeed. Personality tests are part of our recruitment process, leading to our high agent retention, as we match skills and interests to positions. Business owners and operation managers love working with American-owned Pac Biz, with operations in The Philippines (and Mexico for Spanish speaking) where costs for full time agents is a fraction of the cost of local employees that come with an array of costs and disadvantages (benefits, equipment, training, hiring, HR, supervision, toxic personalities, more).

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