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Christmas, the Pac Biz Way

We may be call agents by day (or many by night), but last week, the Pac Biz staff came together right before Christmas and celebrated the holidays after a hard earned year of working hard and growing in Dumaguete.  

After doing a poll with the staff, they decided on a classic “Black” themed Christmas party, hosted at a long time Dumaguete landmark, the Bethel Guest House, which at one time was one of the tallest buildings in Dumaguete and sits right on the Boulevard providing a panoramic view of the sea, city and mountains.

Unique to the customs from the US or Canada or the UK, our Christmas party comes complete with programed performances from our talented staff. Despite being shy or pressed for time while covering extra shifts for our clients around the holiday’s, there were enough outgoing staff that should share their talents with everyone.

We were also able to come up with some fun awards for the agents that went above and beyond in 2017, some of the awards included:  All Day Everyday Award (Attendance), Positive Participator Award (Community Service), Fast Starter Award (Rookie of the Year), and Exceeding Everest Award (Most Valuable Employee). And no Christmas party is complete without a fun gift exchange and giveaways from Pac Biz.

All in all, it was a fun party, everyone was appreciated in their own way and most of all we celebrated a meaningful season together, but the party didn’t end there. The next night, a group of Pac Biz call agents, supervisors and managers got together to do something more meaningful to those who are in need. Though Christmas songs and hand delivering gifts of food and essentials, they went through the streets of Dumaguete looking for those sleeping on the street, and for the next few hours, they were able to give out over 60 packs of goods and sing Christmas carols to those who are often ignored.

One Pac Biz employee and participant Neff Tan had this to share about the evening:

Have you ever thought about sharing the blessing that you have? It’s not a very difficult thing to do. Monetary value can never be a problem, because there are a lot of ways that you can give back to random people. But how did we come up with the idea? It was a bit of sharing what we’ve received this year and spending a little time to be out in the streets to share the blessings. There are a lot of options that we can do, but the decision we made was kind of unique. You get to carol your beneficiary with

When are already out in the streets and you’d get to talk to the needy personally, there are a lot of things that you’d get to be really thankful for. Like having to sleep in the four corners of your room, being able to eat three (3) times a day, being able to buy the things that we need, etc. These people are not that privileged. But what amazes us is that, not a single beneficiary had forgotten to take out even a single peso in their pockets and handed it over to us. It’s their humbleness that makes us realize that, even if they are the ones who needed much of our help. They did not hesitate to give us a little something of what they have. We often miss that part, being humble and selfless. The 60 packs of goods that were given to the beneficiaries may not be enough, but at least we have shared our blessing to some and have learned something from that experience. Besides, it’s the thought that counts. Overall, it’s a surprise that nobody expected to have. According to Charles Dickens, “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”

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