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Five Valuable Traits to Look for in Hiring a Customer Service Representative

Your customers deserve only the best service and support.

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Take a Look at the Important Characteristics of a Quality Customer Service Representative

Customer service is an important component of your business considering they are a major point of contact between your customers or clients with your brand. It’s essential that you hire the most qualified and most suitable customer service representatives for the job.

What are the characteristics of a customer service representative that you should look into? Here are a few aspects that you should consider when growing your team.


The best customer support representatives are those that take pride in all that they do and commit to the common goal of the business succeeding.


Some customers can be outright unreasonable, testing the patience of customer service representatives in the process. It’s important that agents are capable of displaying patience and understanding, empathizing with challenges the customer may be facing.


Agents need to have excellent self control and should be able to handle difficult situations that come with serving the public. They should be level-headed, offering excellent customer support even in difficult situations.

Communication Skills

Of course, one of the most important characteristics of hiring a customer service representative is that they should be able to communicate well. Nothing frustrates customers more than agents who are unable to communicate and walk them through the process.


With good product knowledge, customer service representatives will be able to help customers more effectively when providing support for the products and services. It is much easier for agents to troubleshoot problems when they arise.

Challenges with Customer Support Can Affect Growth

If you find that hiring a customer service representative is overwhelming, you understand why so many companies outsource to contact centers, like Pac Biz, that specialize in the customer experience.

Successful companies worldwide benefit from outsourcing and are able to scale operations without the headache of overhead costs like equipment, hiring, benefits, turnover, and more. Outsourcing customer service is not only cost-effective, but will provide higher quality talent with agents that are experienced and well trained (as opposed to entry-level local employees).

Outsource With Pac Biz

Quit struggling with training, hiring, and maintaining your support representatives. Cut costs and let Pac Biz worry about all of your support- phone, chat, email, social media, etc. 

From hiring, to training, to account management and quality control, Pac Biz ensures that we provide you with quality customer service every step of the way with agents who are available to help your customers 24/7. We pride ourselves in quality customer support services and take the proper steps to ensure standards are met and exceeded.

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