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5 Customer Service Lessons from Taxi Call Agents at Pac Biz

5 Customer Service Lessons from Taxi Call Agents at Pac Biz

We talked to 5 taxi call agents at Pac Biz to see what they do to provide excellent customer service to our taxi clients. Since we have been handling inbound calls for taxi companies since 2012, we have heard lots of stories from clients on the performance of taxi call center agents from other call centers. These days the importance of a quality call agent to remain competitive against ride share cannot be highlighted enough. Here are some essentials to ensure customer satisfaction from Pac Biz staff on how to stay ahead of the competition.

Master the art of clear communication.

In a taxi business, communication among the drivers and dispatchers is very vital.  One mistake on a customer’s location or arrival time can lead to a missed flight, job interview or an important appointment which every taxi company wouldn’t want to happen. The transmittal of information from the operator to the dispatch and finally to the driver should be as efficient and sharp as technology allows.

As a general rule, “Do not interrupt when the caller is speaking. You need to talk slowly and clearly for the caller to understand.” – Tracy, Pac Biz Taxi Call Taker – 7 months

Go the extra mile.

The operators, dispatchers and the drivers play a key role in the taxi business. Drivers must be friendly, polite and helpful and should take the best care of the customers. Special effort must be made for customers with special needs, the elderly and those who need assistance with their luggages, etc. And, even overcoming language barriers!

“There was a time when all of the Spanish call takers are unavailable and I took the matters into my own hands. The call was supposed to be transferred to them but the customer was in a hurry. I handled the call like a pro and spoke Spanish to the customer with finesse. The call was smooth even though it was out of my league. Thanks to google translate!” – Thadeus, Pac Biz Taxi Call Taker – 10 months

Patience will take you a long way.

Each customer come with their own needs and wants and it is every taxi company’s duty to fill these. They may come in confused, frustrated. Some may be irate, some chatty and  every operator or driver must know how to handle all of them and provide the same level of service every time.

It can stretch to, “Patience to understand customers with different accents” – Karen, Pac Biz Call Taker – 1 year

Speed and accuracy as basics.

A single mistake in the information such as a pick up or drop off address can cause great inconvenience to customers (a worst-case scenario such as missing a flight). You cannot afford to lose money and customers (repeat or not).

First things first. “Getting the information accurately is the important part of taking or receiving orders for taxi companies.” –  Jake, Shift Supervisor – 3 years

Put more weight on friendliness and empathy.

Work on friendliness and empathy to earn more loyal customers. To exhibit a warm and friendly tone of voice to your customers is no less important than being efficient in your service. Customers can sometimes have a bad day and you can turn that around by using kind and positive words during the conversation, or addressing their concerns as best as you can do.

“When a customer left her phone, if I was on her position, I would also feel bad, that is why I really tried my best to search for solutions even if my call went beyond the average. In the end, we solved and found the item she lost.” – Farrell, Pac Biz Taxi Call Taker – 6 months

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