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4 Ways Outsourcing Can Help Your Taxi Business Grow

Pac Biz began as a customer service team for a small Scottsdale-based taxi company called ‘Tru Cab.’ From four agents, we have expanded to almost 200 employees, working with different taxi companies all over the world. With our insider knowledge on both transportation and call center industries, we’ve helped our clients grow and nurture their customer base. If you’re wondering how outsourcing can help your taxi business, here’s a quick list to get you started.


It takes more time and capital to hire, train and manage local employees. And it’s not just about human resources either. There’s more to call-taking than just picking up phones. You’d have to get the right tools for the job – a proper dispatch and tracking software and reliable IT infrastructure with backups – to start with. Even if you have a relatively small fleet, you’ll be receiving hundreds of calls a day, which can get overwhelming. By outsourcing, you don’t need to worry about setting up, and you can focus your efforts on core activities.


One of the reasons why a lot of businesses fail is because there’s more focus on the product or service than the consumers. Of course, improving your product or service to stay above your competitors is hard enough. While you should keep your customers in mind when refining your service, you should have a team dedicated to customer care. Entrusting the other vital part of your business to customer satisfaction experts can keep your customers engaged with your brand.


Everyone needs to travel – that’s the beauty of a taxi business. Wherever your company is based, there’s almost no downtime for the transportation sector. You’ll need reliable 24/7 customer support. Outsourced customer support teams have one purpose, and that is to handle your inbound calls with the highest standard possible. The best call centers have ‘round the clock management and quality analyst teams to give your customers the best experience.


If customer support is the face of your company, the drivers are its backbone. Having experienced agents handle support calls coming from your drivers can make sure all their concerns are handled in a timely manner.

At the same time, the agents supporting your drivers should be able to use whatever dispatch or control software best fits your business model. This makes sure every booking is fulfilled without issue.

Want to learn more? Pac Biz’s company founders value open communication with potential clients. Schedule a 15-minute meeting today with co-founder Eric Mulvin today. Or, fill up the form below to get in touch with our sales team.

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