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3 Big Reasons Why You Should Move Your Calls to a Taxi Call Center

We get it, your taxi company is being attacked at all angles. You are trying to figure out how to survive while labor costs are increasing, the quality of your call center is dropping and paying for management for a shrinking call center staff just doesn’t make much sense either. We hope this short guide, written by Pac Biz office manager Kiezia (and our very first employee) will give you some background on why we are a great way to help grow your taxi company in 2017. 


Want to give your taxi business a boost this 2017? A taxi call center dedicated to quality customer service will help give you the competitive edge against the competition. Our management is 100% committed to make a positive change in the taxi industry starting from the customer’s experience.  Getting the right people to take your taxi calls is as important as hiring committed drivers. We have around the clock Supervisors to monitor each shift who are all former taxi call takers themselves and can fill in when needed.  Plus, we are continuously improving  the quality of our calls with our Quality Analysts. We have weekly video conference calls with the owners in Arizona and all of the management to improve the quality, self-monitoring the calls and agent coaching to ensure highest quality.


Working with a call center that focuses on quality can pay off for your taxi business. Call takers are fluent in English and most have a 4 year college background. To be able to help the family is a common Filipino value, and we treat our call takers as family.  Pac Biz also only hires call takers with over 5 years of experience with American clients.

This means less money and time spent on training and staff who are willing to do extra work and overtime. So you, our clients, get the benefits of harder working professional staff who will keep your goals in mind, whether they are friendlier call agents, call agents who can take feedback and improve, or if you are looking to improve call handle time. We do all this while making sure the customer has a great experience.


With almost a 0% turnover rate, most call agents who start with you will stay working with you long term which means more familiarity with your account and customers. Working at Pac Biz in the Philippines is looked at like landing a job with a great bank or tech company in town in the United States, so they bring a sense of professionalism with their job that wouldn’t get in the US for a call agent position.


Why do they stick around for Pac Biz? In a city and country full of call centers, building a great company culture is one of our biggest priorities so we can make sure the staff taking calls for our clients enjoy their job, their coworkers and will go the extra mile for our clients.  A better customer experience starts with our staff by providing them a fun and great place to work at that will motivate them and grow in their career which will benefit us and our clients.


Thinking about making the change to improve your call operations while possibly bringing down the cost? Contact us today to learn more about what Pac Biz can provide for your company.

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