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What Is Quality Assurance? Why is it so Important?

Ensuring optimal performance with an emphasis on excellent quality is essential for any growing business, and Pac Biz helps companies succeed in this area. Customer service agents are representing your company, and their engagement with clients & customers, good or bad, can make all the difference. Maintaining a high standard in quality of calls is not a simple task, it takes fostering motivation & goals consistently in every step.

Every client experiences peace of mind, knowing Pac Biz’s Quality Assurance (QA) team is monitoring the standards of their agents. The team focuses on efficiency, how quickly they can complete the task, along with other factors that contribute to a “great call.” To the quality assurance team, the right expertise on ensuring quality is the forefront, not only in fulfilling customer desires, but also developing agent skills to further improve the customer experience.


The QA team at Pac Biz has the objective of seeking areas where agents can improve. This doesn’t mean that the agents or the customer service representatives are doing the job the wrong way. It simply means that there is always more room for development and improvement, to hone agents into the best that they can be. QA works with agents in a positive approach, to ensure agents feel a sense of growth and motivation, rather than bringing them down and discouraging them.


There needs to be a gatekeeper when it comes to meeting customer expectations. A quality assurance analyst is there with the knowledge of what the customer expects to happen. It’s a give and take process between the agents, who talk to customers, and the quality assurance specialist helps agents fulfill customer expectations as needed.

To meet client satisfaction, the QA specialist isn’t just there to exceed what clients expect but to also improve the performance of clients’ local agents, resulting in the overall improvement of the business. Oftentimes, Pac Biz Agents outperform local agents and clients request QA services to also audit their calls.


The QA process at Pac Biz is always an extensive one, ranging from:

  • Weekly Monitoring of two selected long calls
  • Daily monitoring with one short call per agent

The calls are randomly picked based on average handling time and when an internal escalation is spotted, the order will then be investigated before responding to emails and creating an overview, and coaching will be logged with the agent involved.

As for call calibration, it’s done every other month. When an emergency arises, however, it’s done as soon as possible. 

The use of QEval Software allows for a more efficient evaluation of agents, especially new ones, where daily monitoring is applied. Escalations are treated the same way as those who have been in the company for quite some time.


We’re always investing in quality for the long term. It’s vital for businesses to provide customers with customer service at the highest standards, and the Pac Biz QA team focuses on delivering these results. It’s not enough that quality assurance analysts monitor the performance of agents, but it’s also worth noting the importance of coaching and training for the agents to be the best at their line of work. That’s why our QA Team works with Pac Biz Training Department, among others, to provide the best agents.

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