Pac Biz is a inbound call company, based in Phoenix, AZ, USA, with agents in Dumaguete, Philippines.

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Taxi History of Pac Biz

At a night club in Old Town Scottsdale in 2011, a taxi company called Tru Cab was started. In 16 short months, we built up the highest rated cab company on Yelp in Metro Phoenix.

At it’s height, we had 10 cabs, a Lincoln Navigator and a golf cart and had about 16 drivers and 4 call agents in the Philippines running full time dispatch, call taking and reservations. 2 of the partners went on to form Pac Biz and use our taxi experience to serve cab companies across North America and Canada. Oh and those original 4 call agents, they are now managers of one of the fastest growing call centers in the Philippines.


Video Archives

Here are two videos that we made for the business, the first when we only had one cab, the 2nd was a video that was on our Yelp page (we had hundreds of calls a month from Yelp customers needing rides, even during slow season!).