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Sustaining Your Business During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sustaining Your Business During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Interested in outsourcing to increase your business profit margins? Let’s talk about how it works!

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What Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Business Running

The pandemic spells problems for small to medium enterprises. With lockdowns and quarantines in place, it will be hard for you as a business owner to sustain operations, especially when social distancing can be a major negative impact. Should you simply cease operations for the time being? Are there sustainable options that you can make use of during the pandemic?

While this is a difficult period for business owners, it doesn’t mean that you have to sit everything out and hope all will be sorted in a few weeks. It is time to be proactive and think about solutions for the present, along with the future.

Research Available Business Loans & Assistance

The pandemic will indeed have you incur major financial losses which may prompt you to seek business loans and assistance. These may either be provided by private companies or government agencies who are willing to help you and your business survive.

  • Find out if your business is eligible for small business loans with low or 0% interest rates.
  • Your business credit profile speaks about how you fulfill your business obligations will increase your chances of getting assistance.
  • The purpose of your loan will also matter but it’s apparent that it will be due to losses over COVID-19.
Your Current Strategy

It’s fair to say every business has had to make adaptations to the “new normal” during COVID-19. Whether your business is booming from being an essential/popular service or product and you need more support, or maybe your business has dropped dramatically and you need to lower your costs; either way, major changes need to be made.

It’s hard to say what the long-term effects of COVID-19 will be or even how long it will last. These societal changes can put a strain on your business, so the best course of action is to keep yourself up to date and focus on strategies that allow you to operate optimally while the social distancing policies are in effect.

Making the numbers work

It is key to know where you stand when it comes to addressing the impact the pandemic has had on your business. Where can I cut costs to offset losses? How many workers are unable to come to work? How much will it cost to get them set up for working from home?

Companies’ approach to innovation, risk, and their overall operating model must adapt to the evolving situation and assess financial implications for their companies.

With the costs that may come with setting up workers at home, along with the support they will need in training & IT, your company may need to look at other, more cost-effective options. Just as the biggest companies have done to cut payroll costs, outsourcing may be the answer.

Pac Biz Agents are equipped to work from home, with a full support staff including 24/7 IT Monitoring, Supervisors, & Account Managers. Open communication with American Owners and easy on-boarding process with training department.

Planning for the Future

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed us into a world turned upside-down. The crisis has revealed weaknesses that exist in your current business model. Now is the time to get your strategy in place for when the pandemic is controlled, and society can slowly come back to life.

You’ll need to come back stronger and calculated to make up for any loses. Here are some examples as to how outsourcing helps businesses improve profit margins & efficiency.

    • Decrease Overhead Our agents take away the stress of costly entry-level employees. Constant turnover means you pick up the bill for unemployment, hiring, training, health benefits. Companies worldwide save 30% or more in payroll costs from working with Pac Biz. Companies save significantly in equipment and IT costs as well.
    • Assess Productivity & Efficiency. Your business’ customer support is the direct line of communication between clients, are your agents performing at their best? Pac Biz Agents include weekly audits by our Quality Assurance (QA) Department, where they score random calls and provide feedback. A lot of times, clients have our QA Team score local agent calls, where Pac Biz Agents outperform, and our team trains the local team.
    • Invest in Higher-Level Positions. Clients find that working with Pac Biz for entry level tasks, such as scheduling, customer support, dispatch, virtual office assistant- leaves more room in the budget for higher level positions, bringing more talent to your company.
Pac Biz agents are evaluated weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly, in order to assess and improve agents’ performance.

Learn how pac biz helps businesses worldwide During COVID-19

Pac Biz has been supplying quality agents for inbound call support for companies specializing in transportation, dispatch, appointment setting, customer service, virtual assistants, & more! Schedule a virtual meeting TODAY with Kelsey at Pac Biz. Go over services, how to get started, costs, & more.

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About Pac Biz:

Pac Biz is a 24/7 quality focused call center ran from Phoenix, Arizona but operated out of Dumaguete, Philippines. With over 145 staff and growing, Pac Biz provides support for transportation companies, ecommerce companies and solar companies. Pac Biz provides a dedicated on site account manager, a quality team, 24/7 supervisors, a training team and active US ownership to build long term relationships with our clients.

Meet the Owners of Pac Biz

Bob Grunstein

Need help?

If you ever identify areas that need human help, we have an office full of talented, hard working staff who can professionally fill those gaps in your customer experience and make sure your customers are getting the support they need so they can keep coming back and spending money with your business year after year.

Our goal is to help companies grow so you can hire more staff locally in your community. I would also be happy to jump on a call with you to help find ways to use Pac Biz agents to fill those gaps if you need help.

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