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Outsourcing Patient Support: Medical Call Center (HIPAA-Compliant)

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Save Work Hours & Be HIPAA Compliant

There is a lot of wasted talent and work hours dealing with low level inquiries and calls with medical firms and this sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone.

Companies can get swamped and even specialists whose more expensive hours that should be spent on specialized tasks could be taken away by having to process simpler but time consuming calls.

Another way that dealing with high volume customer service issues could pose a problem is that having those not specialized or experienced with customer service handle these can give customers a less than excellent experience. And that with enough negative interactions, it can seriously affect the business.

Are You Looking for a Medical Call Answering Service Company?

Why Outsource to a Medical Call Center?

Outsourcing medical call centers relieve the pressure and workload of companies engaged in medical information.

Let’s look at the 5 reasons why outsourcing to a medical call center makes business sense.

Optimize In-House Work Hours

Start ups, smaller companies, and medium sized companies lose out on productive hours. When specialists and executives are using up their expensive hours on taking care of customer calls and inquiries you know there’s a problem.

Follow up with Patients in Real Time

Medical call centers can be invaluable in medication & treatment compliance which can reduce negative outcomes for them and minimize negative externalities for you.

Better information gathering can be had with surveying checks on patient progress such as on treatment, medication, clinical trials, and more.

Unclog Information Bottlenecks

Information requests by doctors, pharmacists, and medical practitioners in general are better handled by outsourced medical call center agents that have expert product knowledge that knows the ins and outs of the order forms, pamphlets, and HIPAA compliance.

Reach Patients in More Ways Than One

In particular, the way that outsourcing accomplishes the above is the variety of channels that they contact customers with.

  • Call – When done by customer service professionals, there would be better compliance and information retention.
  • Chat – Follow up chats can be initiated by agents to check up on compliance and can give the empathy that chats would otherwise lack.
  • Email- This is a great way in which a medical call center can follow up and solicit information from patients, medical practitioners, and clients  while being mindful of the proper email etiquette for your company.
  • Social Media – This method is one of the best ways for answering FAQ type questions from potential and actual customers and is best handled by outsourced professionals as they can dispassionately advocate for your brand from the occasional customer misunderstanding.

HIPAA Compliance/Responsible Medical Outsourcing

In a nutshell, a HIPAA compliant and certified call center is one which is cognizant of and adheres to the standards set by HIPAA in handling private health information.

This is important for any company that handles any information that is considered private health information. Any misuse and mishandling can open up your company to legal liabilities.

For example, Pac Biz is HIPAA compliant and certified and they handle confidential information by storing them in secure encrypted servers and with employees trained to keep record of only the ‘minimum necessary’ information and with further trainings on new standards of confidentiality and security.

Choose the Right Medical Call Center to Outsource to.

When it comes to freeing up work hours for your key employees, opening new and effective channels of communication for you and your clients, and HIPAA compliant, then Pac Biz is here to help.

Pac Biz sets itself apart by its empathy. With that empathy, we listen to our clients and employees to get things done right.

We’re here to provide support, let’s discuss how we can help your business grow right.

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