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Navigating the New Normal: The Pac Biz Way

With the Pandemic Around, Pac Biz Has Put Work, Health, and Safety Measures in Place

COVID-19 has impacted businesses substantially, causing disruptions in operations and forcing companies to make drastic decisions in the effort towards cost effectiveness. This has become a massive challenge for many, especially those that are yet to attain growth.

Navigating the New Normal

At Pac Biz, we acknowledge that it will take a while for everything to function back to normalcy. We understand that we need to adapt and thrive in the once unfamiliar world that will eventually become the norm for us.

Work Arrangements

As of March 23, 2020, Pac Biz has been putting work-from-home measures in place, having assessed the capabilities of company agents, ensuring that there is stable network connectivity, among others.


Operations put the requirements for telecommuting in place:

  • N – No background noise
  • U – UPS checked and working well
  • M – Must be responsive, have an active phone for contacting, actively using the Whereby App, testing tools 15 minutes prior to the shift, logging in 5 minutes before the shift, and being able to go to the office within a 30-minute window should the need arise
  • B – Backup internet connectivity
  • S – Stable internet connection

Health and Safety

Pac Biz employees who need to go to the office undergo stringent health measures before entering the premises where they are required to wear a mask and have their temperatures checked. Disinfectant rugs and 70% alcohol-based products are also placed in certain areas and workers are also required to practice social distancing. All touchable surfaces, including windows and equipment, are regularly sanitized and disinfected.


The team has also prepared an isolation room for any suspected case of COVID-19.

Employee Basic Needs

Pac Biz has given subsidies to employees in the form of food and supplements to aid them in the crisis. Aside from that, the employees also receive their salaries in advance in the anticipation of events that result in panic buying.

Monitoring and Reporting

All those who enter the office are monitored and assessed accordingly. Pac Biz also does daily monitoring of individuals who have developed flu-like symptoms, submitting daily reports to the Department of Labor and Employment regarding COVID-19 cases.


Pac Biz has been working hard to ensure that operations are still ongoing and that employees are able to sustain themselves in this time of need, all while keeping their health and safety intact. At Pac Biz, we are in this together, working hard in navigating the new normal.

Quality Customer Experience (CX)
for the New Normal

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