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How Pac Biz Staff Help Run E-commerce Companies During the Holiday Season

As the holiday season starts, the stakes are higher for your eCommerce business. On one hand, there’s a potential for you to earn more because of the holiday rush – on the other, your customer support will be under a lot of pressure due to the high volume of incoming calls. It can be overwhelming for your local staff to deal with complaints, inquiries, and everything in between. That’s where your outsourced team comes in. Here’s how Pac Biz staff help eCommerce companies cope with the holiday rush:


When there is a sudden influx of customer inquiries, eCommerce businesses must make sure they’re prepared for it. Depending on the season, inquiries and complaints may change, and the sheer volume of it might compromise the way calls are handled. This could reflect negatively on a business. Pac Biz has enough agents to cover these calls, and our eCommerce team is trained to handle pressure to the highest standard. Our team can handle the heavy call queue at a consistent speed and quality, because we make sure each agent knows everything about your product by heart. They’re heavily monitored and guided by quality assurance agents and supervisors, too. 

“There will be an increase in the volume of customer queries, orders, and even complaints resulting in a long hold time(customers are waiting in queue for a long time). We solve this problem by making sure that there is enough number of agents scheduled and that they come on time. For instance agents’ may be late, we see to it that the entire shift is covered by letting the Supervisor on duty cover for the unattended minutes/hours while waiting for the agent or while looking for another agent to cover and render possible overtime.”


Pac Biz follows different protocols for leaves and rest days. We respect our agents’ local traditions and their right to be with their loved-ones during holidays. That’s why our team leaders strategically plot rest-day overtimes and leaves. The filing of schedule adjustments happens two weeks before leaves start, to ensure we have enough people to cover holiday calls.

“Given that the call volume may increase at random times during the holidays, we have to make sure that there is enough coverage to support customers and continue to provide commendable customer service. Agents are required to send in their vacation leave requests at least 2 weeks in advance. Schedules are plotted early on to make sure that there are enough agents on board to continue assisting customers”


The quality of our service is maintained by high-level production support. Our agents have 24/7 access to IT support, readily available for any technical difficulties. Main and backup servers are monitored at all times to mitigate technical issues. Managers and team leaders are also fully equipped to support their team, and ensure goals are met through coaching, quality monitoring, and putting great emphasis on adherence to schedule.

eCommerce technology has taken away one’s need to have a physical store, and has given companies the ability to have a wider reach. It’s important to have a solid customer support team that can handle peak season. Get ready to lessen your workload and handle the holiday rush like a breeze by giving us a call at at 480-771-3009 or email us at

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