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How Hospitals & Medical Offices Work With HIPAA-Compliant Call Centers

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HIPAA compliant business tools are essential for any business, institution, or organization handling sensitive patient data. 

Can hospitals, insurance companies, medical offices and facilities use call centers to outsource customer/patient support through phone, chat, email and more?  The answer is yes. Many medical related businesses and companies (probably many you’ve encountered) already do so with the help of HIPAA-Compliant contact centers or BPOs, like Pac Biz


Learn how Medical Businesses of all sizes benefit from outsourcing patient inquiries and support.

1. Address the Hiring Crisis

As of recently, there has been an unprecedented hiring shortage following the COVID pandemic. Establishments have struggled to find good workers and this goes for the medical industry as well. Companies large and small are unable to hire and retain employees as needed and have had to let customers and patients down due to lack of staffing. 

Considering calls pertaining to healthcare are of utmost importance, outsourced HIPAA-compliant call/contact centers and BPOs address this challenge, and have helped staffing needs for companies around the world.

2. Make Patient Management More Cost Effective

Oftentimes, medical staff that are highly trained and certified are left taking calls or emails that could be addressed by an entry level position or another staff member. They are essentially non-billable hours and it costs the company a lot more for their valuable time, when they’re working hours should be spent on higher level tasks.


This is why medical companies outsource tasks such as customer/patient points of contact for triaging or escalating, data entry, scheduling, and other tasks that can be done remotely.

3. Retain Patients

Losing patients due to missed or unanswered calls is a challenge that many medical companies face. People that could potentially use your medical services or products, likely move on when they are left without a timely response. 

To help with customer satisfaction, medical companies use call centers to follow up with patients, to schedule follow-up appointments, check in on how they’re doing after a procedure or medication, and more! 

4. Improve Quality

For any business, including medical related, there is the struggle of entry level employees, like phone and chat support staff that are oftentimes unmotivated and unreliable. Management catches them cutting corners and failing to do their job well. 

It is a headache to manage these personalities and it can be an uphill battle, when you are constantly struggling to hire, manage and motivate them to simply do their jobs.

This has driven medical businesses to outsource those entry level positions to a call center that specializes in taking calls, chat, email and more, like Pac Biz- who only hires experienced agents. Pac Biz agents are scored regularly, and have 5 points of support to keep them on track, motivated and striving for improvement. 

5. Save on Administrative / Overhead Costs

Outsourcing with HIPAA-compliant call centers saves businesses a significant percentage of their annual operating costs. Think about all of the effort, staff, equipment, and HR that goes into onboarding a new staff member. Not to mention the costs of the equipment, office space, electricity, internet, and benefits that may come with bringing on a new employee.

Now think about how this issue repeats itself every time someone quits (high turnover for entry level). Companies that are scaling operations struggle to hire 1 new employee, let alone 5-10, or 10-20 at once. This is where outsourcing with Pac Biz comes into play. 

Many businesses have turned to outsourcing for filling many positions that were once done in-house to compensate for the challenges mentioned. 

Pac Biz assists hospitals and medical offices to meet the health needs of patients by allowing them to focus on what they do best, and taking care of the rest.

HIPAA Compliance With Pac Biz

Pac Biz offers 24/7 HIPAA-Compliant support, working with medical offices and hospitals in The United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia in handling patient concerns and other requested tasks, at the highest level. We work with hospital process consultants, managers, medical business owners and provide medical product support.

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