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eCommerce Business Solutions: What You Need to Know

Struggling to keep up with in-house customer service representatives?

Learn how Pac Biz helps businesses like yours.

eCommerce isn’t just as simple as building your own website, develop a cart and “buy now” function, and you’re good to go. Additional eCommerce solutions are needed for businesses to be able to compete in their market.

What Exactly are Ecommerce Solutions?

ECommerce solutions are services that aid enterprises in conducting business electronically. They aren’t to be clumped together as a singular type of service though, but rather, they cover vast types of products and services to help businesses with their eCommerce efforts.

Choose the Right Point of Sale System

A point of sale or POS system involves a combination of software and hardware to have a more cohesive business operation and it is responsible for all management of purchases, including keeping track of sales. Examples of POS are Shopify, Magestore, Lightspeed, and Shopkeep. Whether it’s management of sales, inventory, human resource, and others, choosing the right POS system can make a massive difference. Research POS systems that have advanced in your market.

Optimize Ecommerce Website

Optimize your eCommerce website with tracking codes and pixels to remarketing visitors that are logged into social media. Think about the platforms that your target audience is most active. Example: Business to business lead generation might be better through Linkedin, while product to consumer marketing might be better suited on Facebook or Twitter.

Market on Social Media

With the number of social media users out there, you have a vast audience just waiting to be tapped. You can either market organically or use paid ads to further effectively reach your target audience based on the parameters you set, as well as the direction of the campaign that you’re willing to go.

Outsource Customer Support

The number one benefit of outsourcing customer support is that you can save on employee cost. It’s not just for corporations but small to medium enterprises can benefit from outsourcing customer service as well. The high rate of turnover for customer service representatives, could cost thousands just to manage agents. That’s where outsourcing is a key factor in how companies are scaling.

Pac Biz Provides Outsourcing Solutions to Help Your Business Thrive

Pac Biz is a global call center specialized to help businesses, from the US to UK, scale. Providing quality outsourcing solutions to help your business thrive, we handle inbound customer service, eCommerce support, and more. When you sign up with Pac Biz, you will get access to flexible packages, whether you want to outsource part time or full-time. Our agents work with the local team to produce premium-quality results.

We work with American owners and agents, account managers, and supervisors based in the Philippines to provide quality call center and outsourcing services.

Contact us and learn about the success we’ve seen with clients, where we can even put you in touch with them to hear for yourself!

Scale Your Business with Pac Biz Ecommerce Support

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