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Customer Service Outsourcing: How Companies Offshore

Running a successful business takes a special kind of drive and ambition. Challenges are inevitable, and your resiliency and ability to adapt to the dynamic world of business is your guiding light. As time goes on, you need to be constantly revisiting new ways to optimize your business processes and costs.

How Outsourcing to an Offshore Contact Center Boosts Profitability

Across most industries, a common problem of growing businesses is the inability to hire fast enough, without the high costs of constant turnover and the always rising minimum wage. This holds especially true for businesses with a high need for customer support, with customers calling or messaging your business to make an appointment, get a refund, make an order, and other reasons.

Unfortunately, getting quality applicants takes a lot of effort and resources. Even when you offer wages above what it should be, you still might not get any quality applicants and settle with subpar service for your customers and clients.

Agents in the Philippines - Live Chat Outsourcing

In reality, you should put high priority on customer experience, as loyal customers and referrals are what keeps your business going and pushes you towards your goals. If you haven’t figured it out just yet, a best practice is to focus on what you do best. You didn’t start your business to run a call center, so why would you put so much effort and money into mastering the management and monitoring of an in-house support team?

Looking to outsource your CX with ease?

Don’t let your competitors have the upper hand on you. They’re outsourcing and using the money and effort saved to invest in more marketing, networking, better high level executives and improving their service and product. Get in the race.

Not only do you save on costs when you outsource, but when you work with the right company with core values that match yours, you get higher quality support versus the low-quality, entry-level applicants that come and go in an in-house operation. The best contact centers are equipped and staffed specifically to answer calls and chats, with structure in place for agents to succeed.

How Do You Choose the Right Contact Center to Outsource Customer Support?

Outsourcing customer service/support to an offshore contact center involves trust. Get experienced agents with an established infrastructure in multiple industries when you work with Pac Biz Contact Center Outsourcing. American owned (Phoenix, AZ, USA) with offshoring in The Philippines and Mexico to offer multilingual support.

Our Core Values

Compassion. Family. Respect. Teamwork. Personal Growth. Professionalism.

Not only do you get the usual benefits of outsourcing with us but Pac Biz also goes above and beyond in taking care of its employees. Pac Biz holds an annual employee satisfaction survey (ESS) that gathers important metrics.

How does this benefit your business? One of the disadvantages of other providers is that they have a high attrition rate that disrupts the everyday operations of the client’s business. Not with Pac Biz. With us, our employees grow and are heard. 

This benefits our clients since our employees’ experience and familiarity with client processes and practices only grows since they stay with us and ensure that there’s continuity and flow in day-to-day operations.

Why Pac Biz?

Our team at Pac Biz is different. Our culture and quality is what sets us apart. When you work with our agents, they act as an extension of your team. We value every agent, supervisor, manager, and treat them as family (one of our core values). Our clients rest assured, knowing they are working with a company that treats their agents right. We enjoy hosting our clients’ visits to our offices, where they see for themselves the high level operations we’re running.

When you become a client, we’re family. We do everything in our power to exceed your expectations in customer support.

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