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Putting Customer Experience First: Basing Business Decisions on Client Needs

The Value Proposition

When you’re selling your products or services, it’s important to approach clients or customers with a genuine interest in providing something of value to them.

Jason says, “when we design technology we really design it thinking of the customer and consider the value proposition- always thinking how we can add value both to our clients as well as to their customers.”

Provide a Solution to a Pain Point

Look at growing your business by figuring out your target market and what problem you’re solving. When you change your mindset to view your customers as being lucky to have you, your products, or your services- putting their needs first they don’t need convincing to buy your product or service.

Get Feedback and Keep Improving

There’s no better way to find out if your business is providing a product or service of value without asking your clients and customers about their experience. Always go back and poll clients to see current problems and frictions they are facing and make sure to find solutions as soon as possible. Showing your customers that you genuinely care about their experience and that you’re actively making adjustments to address those concerns.

Entrepreneur Spotlight

Pac Biz Contact Center Outsourcing works with companies in diverse industries to provide the most excellent customer experience. We understand the importance of instilling a positive experience with every interaction our clients’ customers have with the company.

Eric Mulvin, the American founder and owner of Pac Biz often connects with other entrepreneurs to share knowledge and experiences that provides insight into what goes into success.

Jason Junge, WebToq CEO and founder, is an accomplished entrepreneur, graduate of MIT, and former director of financial strategy at Microsoft. He also holds a patent for the Consultative E Meeting Platform Concept, and authored a book “Why Freedom.”  He started joining small businesses and making new companies and has been doing that for about 16 years.

Jason has been through many years with multiple companies and has learned a few important considerations when pushing for success. One of which is the significance of prioritizing customer experience.

Pac Biz Prioritizes Customer Experience

The reason behind Pac Biz Contact Centers’ success over the many years is thanks to adhering to the goal of providing the best customer experience. Not only do we take calls and chats at the highest level to please our clients’ customers, we make sure to check in regularly with our clients to get feedback on agent performance or any changes that would make their experience that much better.

Watch the Pac Biz Cactus Chat Podcast where we discuss real life experiences in business.  

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