CabMate and Mobile Knowledge 

Before developing our expertise with iCabbi, we learned and worked with Cab Mate and Mobile Knowledge. If your taxi dispatch utilizes this program, learn more about our call center and contact us to discuss more.

Taxi Dispatch Systems

We can learn any system, as long as it doesn’t require significant hardware in our office locally and you have a need for 3 or more call takers. We can be up in running taking calls within a couple weeks. Learn about our office and schedule to meet with us to discuss more.

iCabbi Call Center

With over 30 staff members dedicated to iCabbi support, Pacific Business Services has developed an expertise using the dispatch software . Learn about how our iCabbi call center services can help grow your company today.

iCabbi Expertise

We offer a dedicated iCabbi Training Supervisor who works with all of our new staff so that we always have pre-trained iCabbi staff with 1-3 weeks experience before they start working with you.

Data Entry & Virtual Assisting

Running a business entails many tasks that require a lot of valuable time, or can be costly hiring locally. The most cost effective way to get your busy work completed: outsourcing the time-consuming, tedious labor of data entry.


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Inbound Call Services

When it comes to running a business missed calls can yield missed opportunities.The agents at Pacific Business Services ensure your customers, clients, (and prospective clients) can reach your business. 24/7 call coverage provides your business with the most effective lead acquisition and client satisfaction.


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Outbound Call Services

Outbound call center agents specialize in driving sales for your company. Our agents work for you to follow up on leads or set appointments for your local sales team to close. Pac Biz works with sales in services, real estate, financing, and more! Maximize your sales potential with a Pac Biz sales agent today!


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Taxi Call Center Services

Custom solutions for each client’s local taxi company
Managed locally in Phoenix, Arizona by 2 former taxi owners who fully own office in Philippines (not 3rd party service, 100% home grown).
Dedicated call takers who will work with your business long term
All staff is National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) background checked, we can supply these records for any dedicated call taker and keep those records updated on a yearly basis.
95% of Pacific Business Service staff has bachelors degree and 5+ years call center experience with US clients
Quality Assurance staff to self monitor for continuous areas of improvement.

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24/7 Customer Service Agents

Pacific Business Services has customer service agents for companies around the world. Let our specially trained team work with your business to provide your customers with around-the-clock service; to answer questions, input data, process payments, or anything you can think of! Our agents can provide support for your customers through phone, chat, or email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Pac Biz Auto Pilot

Pac Biz Auto Pilot allows clients to easily choose the options their business needs to boost profits. Choose between paying per full-time agents, part-time agents, or per call. Different options work best for various business objectives and models.


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Appointment Setting

Never miss a customers inquiry again with Pacific Business Services’ appointment setting. Our agents work with your business’ scheduling software to set appointments, utilizing any specifications that are requested.


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