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Co-Founder Eric Mulvin Visits Dumaguete Office

Eric showing Matt how to eat balut on Rizal Boulevard next to the ocean. Pictured: Eric (Pac Biz co-founder), Kiezia (Pac Biz Director of Company Culture), Matt (client visiting from South Africa)

I often get asked “how can you run an office of 80+ people from the other side of the world? It’s hard enough to manage couple employees and I see them every day!” The biggest answer is having great leaders run everything for me, but an important part of that is visiting and working with them in person. I typically get to do that once a year, and this past January, I was able to work almost 3 weeks out of the Philippines and put in hours with the day and night staff.

Here are a couple of photos of the trip I wanted to share with our clients and the business world. If you are interested in being our next visitor, we can help coordinate a trip that in many cases is a business expense. You are welcome to work out of our office for as long as you would like, we have one of the most reliable internet setup in Southern Philippines and we could set you up with a laptop or workstation to plugin and we have full office wifi credentials on a per device basis we could share.

Look up as you visit the new Tree Hive food hub and you’ll see the welcoming sign. Dumaguete is known as the city of gentle people.
Kiezia (Company Culture/People Director), Russbe (Quality Manager), Josephine (General Manager/HR Director), Jake (Night shift GM + Taxi Manager), Edz (Taxi Account Manager), Farrell (Taxi supervisor), Almyr (Taxi supervisor), Maria Fe (Quality agent/backup supervisor), Eric (co-founder)
An OJT or intern as called in the US, helping setup new networking equipment in the Pac Biz office.
A typical scene going out from the Pac Biz office to grab some lunch
With the Disc wallbaord in the background, Mia is hard at work (Eric and his wife Abby’s daughter, don’t worry we don’t employ anyone this young!)
During my trip I was able to find a new sales manager for our growing sales team, here is our HR staff screening applicants
Relax under the palm trees on Rizal Boulevard in Dumaguete and watch the boats come in and out all day.
The primary mode of transportation, tricycles seen here on the boulevard, sea side.
Relax by one of the many waterfalls at Pulangbato Falls outside of Valencia and Dumaguete.
Hayahay, which means relaxing, is a great spot to grab some beers and feel the sea breeze, for approx. $1 USD per beer. At night it’s a great place for local, live music.

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