About Pacific Business Services


Pacific Business Services: Our History

Pacific Business Services has built success through a long journey. Initially, the owners Eric Mulvin and Bob Grunstein were partners in a local taxi company called Tru Cab located in Phoenix, Arizona. Through experiencing the hardships of growing the business, lowering business costs became a necessity. Eric Mulvin, with ties in the Philippines, reached out to employ call takers and dispatchers to work around the clock, at the fraction of what it would cost locally. With the growth of their taxi business at a plateau, the owners decided to pursue the success of their overseas call center. Pacific Business Services was born, with the objective of providing cost effective call services with the preservation of high quality. Since then, Pacific Business Services has expanded, from taxi call taking and dispatching, to data entry and diverse inbound call taking.

What benefits will my business experience working with Pacific Business Services?

Experienced Call Agents


The agents at Pacific Business Services are held to exceptionally high standards. Our agents are required to be college graduates and we only hire agents with 5 or more years of call center experience. They go through multiple levels of employment interviews, and when hired, they go through our rigorous training before they even start training specifications for your business.

Easy Communication


Connect with your agents, management, even owners anytime. The owners at Pacific Business Services believe communication is key in providing the best service. Through our local number that connects straight to our international call center, agents can be reached anytime during their shifts, as are their supervisors that are available 24/7. The owners also keep open lines of communication, being easily reached by phone or email. Comments and feedback are welcomed and encouraged to give you the best experience.

Cost Effective


Are you tired of paying the high cost of call takers? They are usually entry level employees, with high instances of turnover, leaving your business to pick up the costs of hiring and retraining another employee. Working with Pacific Business Services, we provide quality call takers for low wages.

Let Pacific Business Services help your business grow