Pac Biz is a inbound call company, based in Phoenix, AZ, USA, with agents in Dumaguete, Philippines.

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What We Do

24/7 Inbound Taxi Call Agents

ALL Agents have 3-5 years MINIMUM English Speaking Call Center Experience

Managers, Supervisors, & Quality Team at NO COST TO YOU!

All Dispatch Systems Accepted

Open Lines of Communication with Whole Team

Scale Your Business, without the headache of managing/hiring call-takers.

INCREASE your profits, by avoiding typical local employee costs- hiring, training, benefits, and turnover costs.

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Premium 24/7
Customer Service to Grow your business.

Pac Biz has built a reputation for high quality call center agents. We’ve accomplished this through a number of reasons:

24/7 Agent Availability

Pac Biz’ call center has the capability to take your business’ calls every hour, of every day of the year.

Experienced Agents

Agents require minimum of 3-5 years experience in English-Speaking call center.

Quality Team Preserves Excellence

Every Agent undergoes weekly call reviews and feedback to improve performance. (quality department included- at no cost to client)

Agents Use Any Software

Pac Biz’s Training Department works with your training protocols, or if one doesn’t exist we can help develop one.

Enterprise Grade Network

Redundant internet and power that is professionally managed by IT System Managers with around the clock internal monitoring and support.