Outsourcing Patient Support: Medical Call Center (HIPAA-Compliant)

A Taxi Call Answering Service is a professional company that handles inbound customer bookings via phone, texts, chats, email or social media. Agents that work for taxi companies through Taxi Call Answering Services are also able to dispatch rides to contracted or employed drivers in real-time or manage reservations that need assignment.

5 Pro Tips for Outsourcing Taxi Calls to a Contact Center

For startups or small to medium size taxi companies, outsourcing taxi calls to a contact center might be alluring, especially when you consider the savings growth boost. We’ll cover a profile of Pac Biz as what makes a good taxi contact center and some pro tips that will help you make the right choice.

A Guide to Measuring, Assessing & Executing Goals in Customer Experience (CX)

For successful businesses, customer experience is essentially at the forefront of their operations. What exactly does customer experience entail and why is it important for managers and business owners to make it a priority? WHAT IS CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE? Plenty of businesses have been talking about customer experience but what exactly does it mean? For one, […]