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Covid-19 Partnerships

Short-term Opportunities with Other Call Centers

Due to COVID-19 we’ve had to suspend (without pay) many tenured, talented Pac Biz employees.

If you manage a call center that needs English speaking agents & because of COVID-19 you have a surge in demand that you are unable to meet, or are having trouble staffing existing accounts, Pac Biz is forming temporary partnerships with these BPOs.

If you have a rapid need for additional agents, anywhere from 1-40, please reach out to discuss.

90% of Pac Biz Staff is working from home, and the remaining employees are authorized by the Mayors Office to travel to work, even during Extended Community Quarantine (ECQ).

Premium 24/7 Customer Service to Grow Your Business

Pac Biz’ call center has the capability to take your business’ calls every hour, of every day of the year.

Agents require minimum of 3-5 years experience in English-Speaking call center.

Every Agent undergoes weekly call reviews and feedback to improve performance. (quality department included- at no cost to client)

Pac Biz’s Training Department works with your training protocols, or if one doesn’t exist we can help develop one.

Redundant internet and power that is professionally managed by IT System Managers with around the clock internal monitoring and support.

Pac Biz Client Testimonials

Hear from 2 Smashtech employees at ecommerce company Smashtech about their experience working with Pac Biz and our customer service agents.

Transportation Company Owner, Waleed, speaks about his positive experience outsourcing with Pac Biz.