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Call Center Cactus Chat

Episode 2: The Pac Biz Story Part 2

Eric and Jake wrap up the story of how Pac Biz started to grow. We talk about how Jake has been a part of that from call center agent to Operations and Account Manager and together lead a team of around 200 outsourced customer service staff.

Listen to the Podcast:


Eric: Welcome to the contact center cactus chat podcast. I’m your host Eric Mulvin coming to you from sunny Phoenix, Arizona. 

Jake: And I’m your co-host Jake Cayang from Dumaguete City, Philippines.

Eric:  I’m a serial enterpreneur, started my business 10yrs ago and 6 LLC’s later, I started Pac Biz Contact Center Outsourcing in 2015, today we have over 200 employees and growing.

Jake: And I’m the Operations Manager here in Pac Biz and I have been working with Eric since 2014 and I grew as the company grew.

Eric: So whether  you’re looking to outsource for the first time, whether you manage a Contact Center or you’re just looking to improve your customer experience, we’ll be covering topics for you.

Jake: So Business Managers, Operations Managers, Business Owners, this is for you so make sure to subscribe. 

Eric: For the last episode we talked about a little bit about mostly my story and what led to Pac Biz and we talked about that very first client. So today we’re going to talk about how we went from four employees in 2015 to over 200 today and a global not  enterprise or empire but global operations you know, UK, Canada, the US we’re working with companies in Australia. And so yeah, and Jake is representing the Philippines side of the International international operations. So.

Jake: From the very beginning, like you know, on my side here in the Philippines, there were just four of us. And, you know, we take calls for this company, and it was, it was a you know, simple job, like, all you  need to worry about is you know, not making mistakes, the names and you know the addresses of the people that we’re gonna be doing the pick up for the taxi taxi drivers. So from that, you know, responsibility, you know, slowly, you know, there are things that are introduced, like, you know, you need to take care of this and, you know, and additional people came along and you know, who else will take care of them, so it’s us. The management part of, you know, the, you know, their role was, you know, slowly introduced to us. And until, you know, it, it arrived like, you know, it’s one day I realized like I’m doing something something else it’s a lot different, and then you know how it started and yeah, and right now we’re over 200 people here in the Philippines. 

Eric: And you know, I love hearing your story on that side of it because, you know, you’re talking about taking calls, you know, being on the front lines, answering the phones, and so that you got that frontline experience, and you’ve been able to move up in the company as the company grew. and I feel like it’s a big part of Pac Biz, you know, we have these core values that if you guys keep listening to the show you’re gonna hear a lot about family, respect teamwork, compassion and personal growth and personal growth, we didn’t uncover these core values until after COVID started. So we’ve been around for five years before we realize, wow, like family is the most important thing to Pac Biz, and compassion and teamwork and personal growth but we’ve lived it from day one. Like that’s why Jake started taking calls for my own taxi company and then other taxi companies and then he started managing those people taking calls for other taxi companies. But, he knew what it took to make to improve himself to get better, and the work it takes. And I feel like that’s so important in a call center. When you have all these people that are professionals and careers and they’ve never answered the phone, that has an impact on how you manage and how you interact with the clients. Jake, you know, today, he works with all of our clients in the UK. 

Jake: UK, Yeah, 

Eric: also, so in addition to Operations Manager, he’s also Account Manager. And so Main point of contact for all those businesses and I always tell everybody, like this guy’s the best guy in the world to work with if you’re a taxi business and you want to outsource because he knows the ins and outs of the taxi business. He knows the ins and outs of the call center jobs of the Supervisor jobs of the Manager, like he’s worked all those levels and so he can go and talk to the supervisor when the agents making mistakes and he’s he knows exactly like this is what you need to do. This is what you could do to help fix it. Because he’s been doing it for like, third of his life a quarter of your life almost 

Jake: yeah, some part of it like you know, fixing, fixing the you know, technical issues here and sometimes I do some fixing personal, personally like any problems can be opened up like this how we do here in Pac Biz,  we’re a family. So yeah, that is you know, it’s it’s different. You know, it’s, you know, people here are close in.

It’s, you know, this is how we run our business here. So it can, I can relate to uh, on how we work with the client like you know, every I know people hear everyone is worried about like, if they’re not doing anything, right. And that’s something important and that’s it doesn’t really reflect on how the business would would go and, you know, not just like in the not like, not just here in Pac Biz , but for the company that we work. For.

And, yeah, we made sure that we’re doing it right. And, you know, I can see a lot of businesses who are improving and, you know, we, we, we learned the important part of you know, the taxi company, the businesses, how we, we provide good customer service, and how we, you know, we put all the details correctly, you know, no shows and, and, complete the bookings are, you know, are really on the right numbers. And so, that’s, so that’s how we do 

Eric: So if you guys are a taxi company listening. You’re probably like, wow, this guy, he knows the industry. He’s talking my language and, and that’s how we got our start this taxi, but that wasn’t all we did. starting in 20. So we started 2015, 2016 We got our second client, we got referred out to another company that needed like 15 people. so we went from four people to 15. and I was actually, this is an interesting story right before that happened. I was gonna I was like, Alright, I don’t know what to do with this call center, like I think I need to go back to school and I was gonna go back and get my MBA and I went even I went to Business WP Carey is where I graduated from for my bachelor’s. It’s like I’m gonna get my masters and I went to night where they were introducing you to the staff. And can tell you overview the curriculum and you’re bringing your family because that’s going to be a big sacrifice for the family. So they want you to, you know, see what you’re getting yourself into, meet some of the other people trying to go through that. And like that, then next week, I find out that we got referred to another business and everything changed from there. I never looked back. You know, we talk about personal growth, and we talk about it from our staff from, you know, our own perspective, like Jake and I have grown a lot personally but our clients too. That’s a huge part of you know what, what we do here because almost every business that we’ve worked with from the beginning is still with us. Six, seven years ago, five years ago, four years ago, these guys are still with us and we’ve been able to see them grow. We know they’re growing because they’re they’re reaching out to Jake they’re working with Jake adding staff and and we grew to not only uhm just offer more support to these businesses, but also like the kind of businesses that we work with. So 2017 We started working with E-commerce, and we grew that and we over the years actually we we recently become HIPAA compliant. And now we have actually several nurses working taking calls for taxi companies. And with personal growth we want to be able to offer work for those people in healthcare and and actually this summer now we’re getting ready to start with our first business up in north Scottsdale. So I’m really excited about about that because it’s another expansion of you know, where we were the little taxi company and Jake and I taking calls for this taxi company to now we’re we’re a big part of business’s operations. So that’s what we’re all about here at Pac Biz and the contact center cactus chat podcast. We want to talk about strategies, talk about ways to help outsource so that you can focus on why you started this business. It wasn’t to start a contact center. That’s our job. It’s to run your business to focus on your passions, whatever the industry is, your customers are, you’re being distracted by your call center, and so we could help with that. And so again, I’m Eric Mulvin, Owner of Pac Biz. 

Jake: I’m Jake Cayang , the Operations Manager here in the Philippines.

Eric: yeah, and thank you guys for listening to episode two of The Contact Center Cactus Chat Podcast, and we’ll see you next week. We’ll be talking about hiring in episode three. Thank you guys for listening. 

Jake: See you guys.