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Episode 31: Company Core Values: Respect

We continue our journey learning about Pac Biz’s core values that make this company so great. This episode, we listen to Pac Biz’s own Nicole and their take on what Respect really means.

Listen to the Podcast:

Hi, and welcome to a new episode for a podcast. I’m your host today, Kiezia. I am the director of company culture at pap biz. And for the following episodes, we will be featuring our core values which are family respect, personal growth and teamwork. Every year, we choose an award based on votes of our winner that display these core values. Here with me today is Nicole. 


Hi, everyone. By the way, my name is Nicole, a transgender and a call taker in pacbiz, I have been come in a company for four years and counting. And right now I’m a full culture committee member already. And thanks, God, thanks to pacbiz. 



Right? I’m very excited to have you as a full time in culture. And we’ve been working with together for many years now. And I’m excited to know. Thank you for the introduction. So what drew you to pacbiz.



actually Christie may Valero referred me. I so I submitted my resume. And thanks, God, I pass all of my assessments and interviews and right and I was hard last March 18 of 2018. 


So I’m very lucky. Yeah. 



And awesome there that you’re still here at that was Yeah.

So we will be talking about respect Nicole, which she had been awarded. And I’m interested to know, how does the core value of respect mean to you personally,



 actually, for me, respect is when we accept someone as they are or for who they are, meaning that accepting with them, even if they are different from us. So that’s it. That’s respect for me. 


Thank you. So was it? Was there an instance where you feel that

you’re not accepted? And how did you deal with it? 



Yes, being a transgender isn’t that easy, there are lots of discrimination, bullying, but that, that one, I made that as my strength, because we don’t know that person also, who bullied us, or doing some discriminations is also a victim of this. So with that, I make that a strength to be a a good person. 



Right. And you can be a good example for your colleagues in Pacbiz, and I’m, so you’re working at Pacbiz, how do you ensure that you treat our colleagues with respect and your daily interactions with them?

Um, with that, I sort of mentioned earlier that I accept them as who they are. So in return, they will give it back to you. So if there is respect, there is peace and

unity. I love that. I love that so they will give you respect.


Yes. So yeah, that’s true. You’re right. Um, can you share an example of a challenging situation where applying respect was crucial? At work? We couldn’t remember any.

Any memory?


Currently, no, because

I’ve been in Pacbiz for four years already.

Pacbiz treat me as if as a family already, and they treat me as a girl because my name is Neil but they choose me to Yes, but they choose me to call Nicole or Mhie. So no discrimination, no bullying, but if there is, I will ask what I’ve mentioned also earlier, I will use that one as my strength. Right there just goes to show that Pacbiz has embodied a score we respect.


Yeah, that’s, that’s good to know. Yeah. So yeah, I’ve known you ever since as Nicole ever. Yeah, Neil. So Nicole,

I have here.


Yes, as you’ve been mentioning about respect, how you uphold this even in your personal life, right. So in what ways do you contribute to fostering a culture of respect person within pap is or yet in our team or as a company


in order to gain respect is that there should be love and care, because if there’s love and care, everything will  follow, like family teamwork.

Personal Growth and compassion. We are not all perfect. Nobody’s perfect. But the best thing that I, but the thing that I need to,

but the thing that I can share to you is that just be the best of yourself. Because everything will be follow.


I like that. And then I remember something why your supervisor nominated you for this core? Because she said there that it you prioritize seeking input from your supervisor. Can you tell me more about that?


My supervisor Rolliecel? 



Yes. That’s why she nominated you for this one. So you respect her? That’s why you asked her first.


 Yeah, input specifically.

Is that true? Yeah. So tell me, yeah, tell me more about that.


Actually, if ever like for example, Rolliecel still is my supervisor, and I respect him. I

respect her. I respect her. And every time I have some questions, or any changes on my schedule, I asked her first before asking to the scheduler because we need to have some respect to our leaders. Yeah, we need to ask as a leader, right. Yeah, we give give that respect as our superior

rather than just

doing it right away, just because you Yeah, we need to respect them. Also, some managers or leaders, but also the team members.

Yes, you’re awesome. Thank you for for sharing that. I was really interested to know more about that. And then, um, so yeah, since you’ve been doing that, have you seen any positive outcomes or changes as a result result of

being respectful or promoting respect? Yes, of course, because I have lots of friends already. Because if you are not a good person, if you have an attitude, then

you didn’t have more friends. Right. And you wouldn’t be here at culture? Yeah.

Of course, he wouldn’t be promoted, promoted.

So friendship, you gaining friends? And

is there anything else like good communications to others also? Yeah.

Yeah, very good. That’s in terms of your communication, you’ve been respectful. And I really, I really like how you

I mean, how you email like, it’s very clear, it’s very respectful. So. So thank you for sharing Nicole. And then one of the interesting things like you, you supervisor, as we nominated you, for the respect corps, because she said that you prioritize seeking her input. First.

Can you elaborate more about? Can you elaborate more about it?

Yes, because first and foremost, I log in on time, and then I do overtime as well. And then also, if I need some schedule changes, I

I send an email directly to the right person, which is Miss Rolliecel as my team leader.

Right, so.

So say it’s why respect is important.

Respect for me is important. Because if there’s no respect, there is no unity and peace. Because if there is unity and peace, there is what we call a family, like impact this, we are all family, we care to each other. We’ll listen to the problem to each and every one. And we also provide resolution of that problem. And with that, we gained respect to each and every one. Yeah. So you mean respect is the foundation?

Yes. Because, yes, that is respect for me, they always show respect to your to me or your colleague, or to your leaders, to leaders or my colleagues, I hire show respect by doing some good things. Since they have some titles, they will respect you also.

It’s just like a, a cycle.


That’s like you mentioned about good thing and good thing and then so I’m interested to know what is that good thing is that


I logging in on time and then I informed also my TL that is out

Ever I have some changes on my schedule, I approach to the right person. And then also, I do overtime if my supervise me as if my supervisor asked me to extend. And then also, I, I’m on time, every time I do on my 10 minutes break, or on my 20 minutes break, and I always got a BA since I don’t have any absences.

So I get it. So what if one member is always late? And then you are on time? How do you? How do you deal with that? I just sending him a message that next time that we need to

we have a representative responsibility to be on time because we back this paid for you. It’s quite a challenge the bar like we don’t you don’t you know? Because we get I personally get angry with somebody is late.

And and how would you tell us? How do you communicate your thoughts, that person, you know, respectful way? I just tell him that next time that we need to be on time because back this paid you? And then we have lots of

right they have to respect our time because we have

we have our tasks, we have our deadline goal.

And I also told them that

perfect attendance is don’t waste or be a Yeah, I want that extra money who? Like no.

Everybody likes extra. And it’s a good way to

having that bonus as well to Yes, of course. You know, show it’s a way of respecting your time, because I know we know that time is valuable. And time is goal. It is and then So yeah, that’s a great way Pappas is doing that. I pay you extra for for your time as

a way to respect your time. I respect my time also because it means a lot for me.


And we do in pacbiz expected as well with the perfect attendance. Yeah.

Perfect Attendance. So yes, and embodying. I think everybody embodies this on your team.

Everybody, is everybody on time? Yeah. Because there’s respect. Also, there is what we call teamwork. Yeah, that’s why we have right now. That’s one of our core values. But you’re right, that the foundation of is respect

. Yes.

Right. So

yeah, anything, anything more than remember about respect how it is shown in the company, or

an instance where our childhood situation where it is applied, applying respect was crucial.


since I’m working from home,

it’s very crucial. If someone offended me, if I tell them that, oh, it’s time for you to break. Because it’s already 10:15 already. So because we have a specific break time. And some of my colleagues forget their breaks, and I just tell them that, oh, you need to take your break, but then

he will tell me that. No, you need to go first. Um, so do you mean that when they take a break,

you know, as a way of showing respect, they also come back? Yeah. Was there like a colleague who is over, over doing over breaks? Yeah, doing over breaks and I call them directly because its is very important. So before we finish, what would be your advice to our agents on call cultivating a culture of respect in their professional environments, to each and everyone out there? Let’s do respect to one another because with respect, there is unity and peace. So if there is unity and peace, there is love.

So right now, if you want to be a part of our team, you

Send an email at jobs at


So thank you for being our guest today our pretty beautiful guests. Nicole.

Thank you so much Miss Kiezia, It’s been a pleasure to chat with you on our core Respect. Thank you, everyone.