Pac Biz Foresight: Outsourcing in 2021 and Beyond

Outsourcing in 2021 is Certainly Promising for Pac Biz   The world of outsourcing has grown over the years and will continue to do so. With the unexpected turn of events in 2020 however, could there still be an optimistic outlook for outsourcing in 2021?   At Pac Biz, we’ve made sure to put extra […]

Creating Empathy Driven Customer Experiences

Focusing on Empathy in Customer Experience Creates a Myriad of Possibilities   Empathy is the ability to have a deep emotional understanding of another person’s feelings or problems. This is especially important in the business environment where many out there may treat it as a mere afterthought. The role of empathy in customer experience provides […]

Navigating the New Normal: The Pac Biz Way

With the Pandemic Around, Pac Biz Has Put Work, Health, and Safety Measures in Place COVID-19 has impacted businesses substantially, causing disruptions in operations and forcing companies to make drastic decisions in the effort towards cost effectiveness. This has become a massive challenge for many, especially those that are yet to attain growth. Navigating the […]

A Guide to Measuring, Assessing & Executing Goals in Customer Experience (CX)

For successful businesses, customer experience is essentially at the forefront of their operations. What exactly does customer experience entail and why is it important for managers and business owners to make it a priority? WHAT IS CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE? Plenty of businesses have been talking about customer experience but what exactly does it mean? For one, […]

eCommerce Business Solutions – Pac Biz | Outsourcing – Philippines English Call Center

eCommerce isn’t just as simple as building your own website, develop a cart and “buy now” function, and you’re good to go. Additional eCommerce solutions are needed for businesses to be able to compete in their market. WHAT EXACTLY ARE ECOMMERCE SOLUTIONS? ECommerce solutions are services that aid enterprises in conducting business electronically. They aren’t […]

How Outsourcing Can Scale Your Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping has become prominent in eCommerce circles, where a seller doesn’t have an item in stock and will contact a third-party vendor for the products. With low capital requirements, many eCommerce vendors now resort to dropshipping to help kickstart their online business.    With dropshipping, entrepreneurs will easily take off with an ecommerce business. This is […]

How to Improve Customer Experience Without Relying on Software

Many businesses are becoming more reliant on software and customer relationship management platforms to cater to customers, often depending upon automation and the like. When it comes to complete customer experience, what’s missing? THE HUMAN CONNECTION Although automation has its benefits, there are still limitations when it comes to how they are programmed and there are […]

How a Customer-Centric Culture Improves Your Bottomline

You may be wondering: what’s in it for a company to have an organization that centers itself around the many customers that it serves? The truth: when companies ignore customer value in favor of being product-centered, they end up organizing around their services to maximize expertise. This is good and all, but they miss investing in strategies that […]

How Outsourcing Can Save Your Business

The increase in the national minimum wage has since caused hardships among companies in the US, UK, and Canada as this adds more to the already high payroll expenses of the business. This may put an additional burden on small to medium enterprises financially, and could actually lead to losses as a result. Before jumping […]

How Companies Have Saved Over $200k in Annual Payroll Costs

Maximizing profit is the aim of every business. Organizations search for more and more ways to decrease costs, improve margins, while addressing ongoing demands as the business grows.  Demand for new employees as you scale is inevitable, but the challenges attached can be restricting overall profitability. First, we must ask: Why are employee costs so high? […]