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Pac Biz CARES: Sto. Niño Children’s Home Foundation Outreach Program


PB Cares: Sto. Niño Children’s Home Foundation Outreach Program

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Cultivating a strong sense of community in the company is one the many things we uphold in Pac-Biz. Over the past 3 years, our company has thrived in the peaceful but progressive environment of Dumaguete. This is why giving back to the city is important.

Last month, we opened a discussion among co-workers regarding potential activities for August. An outreach program was suggested by one of our dispatch agents, and we agreed that this would be in line with our goal to give back to the community.  We chose the Sto. Niño Children’s Home Foundation as our 3rd outreach beneficiary, and decided to hold it on the last Sunday of the month, August 26.

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Pac-Biz donated some toiletries and  water tumblers to the children’s home, and our agents and staff were more than happy to donate some clothes and toys.

The outreach program was simple enough but packed with games to make sure the kids enjoyed the day. We began the day with a few opening words from one of our staff, followed by introductions. One by one the kids stood as they politely introduced themselves. We wanted them to be a little more comfortable, so we kicked the day off with some ice breakers. As we got to know them through games, they started to act more relaxed around us. Eventually, each of them shared their dreams and aspirations in life. One of the kids wants to be a chef when he grows up!

Cultivating a strong sense of community in the company is one the many things we uphold in Pac-Biz.
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Any outreach program would not be complete without food, of course. The staff made sure to prepare enough for everyone. Before the day ended, there were more games, and a few talent numbers from the children and the staff as well. What started off as a simple outreach program ended as a source of inspiration for us. It was clear that the children they were as determined to work hard for their dreams as we are. It made every minute of our preparation for this day worth it.


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