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Pac Biz Halloween Traditions

Pac Biz Halloween Traditions

Pac Biz Halloween Traditions

Company Culture & Work Life Balance

Maintaining a work-life balance is a challenge especially in a company with night shifts. Both professional and personal growth is important and should never be neglected. Pac Biz has initiated a Culture Committee responsible for maintaining a work-life balance in the office. Just recently, the Culture Committee has organized two major events for Halloween. To the excitement of the employees, the events were more than a success.

Dress Up your Bay Contest

In the lieu of the Halloween season, this event has made the employees design their bay areas stimulating their creativeness. To further the challenge, the materials to be used needs to be recyclable and that the design should be cohesive enough on the idea chosen.
Here is the full list of criteria for judging:

Use of recycled materials 20%
Originality and uniqueness of theme 15%
Creativity and coherence of design 15%
Craftsmanship 30%
Overall appeal and visual impact 20%

The Pac Biz office was made into a Halloween exhibit incorporating horror themes just like witchcraft, ghost brides, and even Monsters from Monsters Inc. There are three winning teams that garnered respective awards and prizes. The champion of this event has a spider cave-inspired bay area. They used newspapers to depict the cave-like structure of the interior and used balloons to represent spider heads and postcard strips for the legs. Each idea has marked a standard for the next Halloween events.

Pac Biz Boo Bash

Part of the work-life balance includes the inspiration of most of the employees – their children. Halloween will not be complete without trick or treat from the little vampires and princesses of Pac Biz. This annual tradition lets the kids do some trick-or-treating inside the office. In their best Halloween costumes, children walked around with their cute trick or treat baskets ready for the employees to fill. Children’s games were also held at the pantry, and parents were treated to some singing and dancing by the kids.

These activities for Halloween redirected the energy back into the workplace. The Culture Committee’s goal is to always inspire the employees. It doesn’t only improve company retention, it contributes to our agents’ overall happiness. A professional and effective support system is very important to employee loyalty. Through the Culture Committee, Pac Biz is committed to creating an employee-led environment where everyone feels represented.

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