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Is The 4-Hour Lifestyle Possible while Running an ECommerce Business?

Is The 4-Hour Lifestyle Possible while Running an ECommerce Business?


Is The 4-Hour Lifestyle Possible while Running an ECommerce Business?

You’ve worked hard to build your e-commerce business over the years, and now that you have a stable customer base, you’re thinking of taking it easy. You may have heard of the 4-hour lifestyle, and how it can enhance the quality of your life and help you ease into early retirement. But how does this work? How can you efficiently run a growing ecommerce business while working less hours? 


Let’s explore the solutions available. 

Outsource Customer Relationship Management

Many Fortune 100 companies consider outsourcing as an indispensable business tool, mainly to help manage customer relationships. But it’s a viable solution for small enterprises and e-commerce businesses too. Because English is one of its official languages, the Philippines is one of the biggest business process outsourcing hubs in the world. Here you’ll find BPO workers who doesn’t just speak English, but understands Western culture enough to empathize with your customers.

Pac Biz only hires experienced call center agents to handle your calls and customer relationships.

Get Feedback for Speedy Product Development

Outsourcing helps you cut costs while maintaining the quality of customer support your company provides. But it’s not just about costs. Experienced agents can help you speed up product development by organizing the data gathered from customers. This will save you a lot of time working and help you focus on your core-competencies.

Consider a Virtual Assistant

Everything is being digitized, from stores to the way people purchase goods. As an ecommerce business owner, the bulk of your work is performed online. When you started your ECommerce business, you may have thought that it won’t take up as much time and maintenance as a physical store, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Ecommerce businesses grow rapidly, and there’s a limit to how much digital paperwork you can do on your own. You’ll soon find yourself drowning in digital mess. A virtual assistant can easily help you sort your emails, make reports, set appointments, and do general administrative work.

Pac Biz Virtual Assistants have excellent communication skills, and great attention to detail to help you sort through your digital data.

Use the Right Tools

Last but not the least: Use the right tools. There are tons of project and team management software you can use to make your workflow seamless. It’s also advisable to work with a customer-relationship management software that you can easily understand. While you can always trust your BPO partner to choose these tools for you, it’s important to know how the basics of these tools in order for you to clearly set goals with your customer service representatives.

The 4-Hour Lifestyle is possible with Pac Biz agents and virtual assistants. Our account managers, supervisors, and quality assurance team are here to make sure that only the best service is provided to you and your customers.

Scaling your business is important if you want to stay in the game. Schedule a meeting with Kelsey in our New Accounts Department, and let’s get to work!

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About Pac Biz:

Pac Biz is a 24/7 quality focused call center ran from Phoenix, Arizona but operated out of Dumaguete, Philippines. With over 145 staff and growing, Pac Biz provides support for transportation companies, ecommerce companies and solar companies. Pac Biz provides a dedicated on site account manager, a quality team, 24/7 supervisors, a training team and active US ownership to build long term relationships with our clients.


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If you ever identify areas that need human help, we have an office full of talented, hard working staff who can professionally fill those gaps in your customer experience and make sure your customers are getting the support they need so they can keep coming back and spending money with your business year after year.

Our goal is to help companies grow so you can hire more staff locally in your community. I would also be happy to jump on a call with you to help find ways to use Pac Biz agents to fill those gaps if you need help.

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