Digital Marketing Careers in Dumaguete

Pac Biz is now hiring for several positions. Please fill out the information below and attach a resume and/or cover letter. A hiring manager will call you to schedule a phone interview.

We want to build an entire marketing agency for US businesses, if you want to help us start it and lead the marketing team, this is a great place to start.

Here is a description of the jobs available:

Business/Copy Writer

Job Description:

You will be writing blogs for US based English business clients. Must be able to edit content written by others and do research on new topics to come up with original articles.

You will also help write monthly emails (using content from the blogs), write Facebook posts, Facebook ads and maybe even advertising headlines if you want.


Business/Copy Writer Requirements:

Experience writing professionally and experience doing any of the tasks included in the job description. Also examples of your previous writing work is required.

Digital Ads Specialist

Job Description:

Creating and managing Facebook campaigns, creating and following standard operating procedures. Will train you for our specific process for Facebook ads but having marketing or running any kind of digital advertising is the only requirement.

Some of your responsibilities will include:

  • working in Facebook Ads Manager
  • creating multiple campaigns to track results and work long term to optimize campaigns
  • Being able to work as a team with web developers to create campaigns as new sites are being built
  • Make sure proper tracking is in place with pixels and Facebook code.
  • Eventually though more training, being able to analyze Google Analytics traffic and client ROI
  • Must be able to also manage multiple campaigns at once
  • Lastly, must have a willing to learn and grow, this is the most important of all the requirements.

We can teach some of the skills you might be missing but if you don’t want to learn, you will not be a good fit at Pac Biz.

You will also have the potential to lead a team of Facebook and Google advertising specialists as we grow.

Digital Ads Specialist Requirements:

Experience running digital ads or having a marketing background, a willingness and tech ability to learn quickly.

Video Editor

Job Description:

Need to be experienced in Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshop, After Effects would be a plus but not required. Will be working with video shot in the US, line up audio and video footage, distribute to team at Pac Biz who will create transcripts, owner of Pac Biz will work with you on script to edit footage and check in at various checkpoints though out process. Needs to be able to create artwork in Adobe Photoshop for use in video and work with prebuilt templates for After Effects. Must already be great at editing and hit the ground running with projects ready to go. Will mostly have commercial work for now, over time will include documentary work. If you want to have the potential to work on Netflix type projects and have the skills to back it up, this is a job for you!

Video Editor Requirements:

Must know Adobe Premiere

Must have edited for 3+ years

Must have portfolio of previous work (such as YouTube channel)

Infusionsoft Expert

Job Description:

Need to have 1+ years working with infusionsoft. Need to be able to create complex email campaigns for clients in multiple types of businesses. Will need to work directly with owner of Pac Biz and clients directly in United States in creating email campaigns. Will also need to send broadcast emails for clients (can work with Pac Biz team for content and client) and manage similar broadcast campaigns in MailChimp. Need to also work with digital advertising team at Pac Biz to create campaigns that integrate with infusionsoft.

There is a lot of potential of offering Infusionsoft services from Pac Biz to Infusionsoft and many of their clients around the world. We are also looking for our first hire to have leadership experience, knows how to work with a team and hit the ground running with projects as there is a very large potential for this department to grow.

Infusionsoft Expert Requirements:

1 year or more experience using Infusionsoft

Ability to create campaigns, do email broadcasts.

Ability to create funnels is a plus

Nobody is just an infusionsoft expert so also please share what else you can do in marketing

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