PB Cares: Pac Biz Supports Casa Miani’s Ready to Read Camp

As a company, one mission of Pac Biz is to have a positive impact to those in need. Our end goal is to one day establish an Orphanage & Foundation of our own, and providing for the less fortunate children with education, food, & essentials. Pac Biz has been involved over the years, supporting orphanages […]

Best Ways to Improve Employee Retention

WHY COMPANIES STRUGGLE WITH EMPLOYEE RETENTION Recruiting employees should be in the same weight as retaining them. What many business owners & managers often overlook is the difficulty that comes with hiring & retaining employees, especially at the entry-level. Having huge employee turnover rates puts any company at risk – apart from losing talent, it […]

VIDEO: Why Taxi Companies Love Working with Pac Biz

Without a personal vehicle, getting around East London streets might be a challenge for anyone. Les Chapman has always been giving South London a professional, fast and efficient taxi solution thus making Data Cars East London’s largest minicab company. Together with the growth of his business, are limitless calls and inquiries from clients and drivers. Data Cars needed the manpower to […]